DIY Vintage Wall Sconces Redesign

It’s a long weekend here in Canada 🇨🇦 and of course I’m working on a DIY or two. Thrifted all day yesterday at a Huge Flea Market with a couple of my lovely gal pals and then had an awesome sleepover with my girlie. Now going to flex some creative muscle.



Representing the fire element I’m redesiging these vintage wall sconces to enhance our home decor and introduce the fire element while adding warmth and visual interest.

I painted the gold flat black for a more rustic feel and crocheted a jute twine chain stitch around the ugly electrical cord to add visual interest. The beaded garland and jute tassels help to reduce the slack on the cord while refining the look. I’m on the fence about the shade and might opt to use an Edison chandelier bulb instead. Hmmmm? What do you think?

This one’s in our bedroom and will be used as a nightlight, the other is in the hallway at the top of our stairs. We always keep a light on for the gang. These are a nice option rather than keeping an overhead fixture on all night. One 💡 verses 3!! It’s a better way to go.

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