Oh my, look what came across my Facebook memories!

It’s been two years since we’ve moved into our home and the before and afters of the charcoal paint to the creamy!!!

Gosh!!! I can’t imagine working in the before! We were only in the house 2 days before I started the painting. I used decor items from the other house with the exception of the new sofa-bed to decorate both the office and studio spaces with the exception of a few accessories that were not elementary appropriate for the 3 guas this space aligns with.

Since being here I’ve changed my design style so I feel a shift coming on for this room in the fall.

Why the fall you ask? Well when I get back from meeting my Grandson Cedar Fox in Nova Scotia at the end of January I’ll begin the en-suite refresh project I’ve got in mind. Painting the 2 bathrooms vanities and the kitchen cabinets white will take me to spring and you know what will happen then. I’ll be getting dirt under my finger nails with outdoor projects.

Oh my, spring is just around the corner!

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