The Best Feng Shui Living Room Layout Guide


The most common design challenge I find when consulting with clients is the awkward placement of their furniture resulting in “dead zones” rooms that are seldom used to their full potential. I’ve created this furniture layout guide to help you maximize the full potential of your space.

A Feng Shui savvy home is one that is beautiful and has excellent flow and function.


Furniture placement is best when there is ease of movement throughout the space. When there is too much furniture in a space or the furniture is too big for a space the energy cannot properly nurture the space creating stagnate energy.

When accessories are too BIG the bed becomes dwarfed with side tables, lamps and artwork towering over those sleeping creating an oppressive and overwhelming feeling.

This Living Room Layout Guide will help you arrange your furniture in a way that will provide optimum flow while creating a sacred space to share in the company of others.

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