A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Sized Furniture for Your Living Room


When it comes to purchasing furniture scale is a key factor to consider. It is always good Feng Shui Design to make sure that the scale of the furniture matches the size of the room. Here is a guide to help you make the best choices possible when designing your sacred space.

Sofa Too Big + Accessories Too Small

The sofa is considered the most important feature in a room and when a sofa is too BIG for a space it can dwarf all the accessories making the it look and feel off balance.

Accessories Too Big + Sofa Too Small

When accessories are too BIG the sofa becomes dwarfed with side tables, lamps and artwork towering over those seated creating an oppressive and overwhelming feeling.


In addition to choosing compatible design styles it is equally important to choose furniture and accessories that are compatible in scale.

The tops of side tables should measure the same height as the arm of the sofa and chairs. Artwork hung above a sofa or loveseat should not be too big nor too small. Ideally artwork should be hung no more than 4 – 6 inches above the back of the sofa or loveseat.

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