How to Set a Budget Friendly Feng Shui Savvy Tablescape

How often when sitting down to a celebratory dinner have you had to lay the centrepiece down or found yourself straining to peer around what is a lovely but way too tall floral arrangement or candles so that you could have a conversation with those sitting across from you at the table?

It’s one of my pet peeves so I’ve done my best to illustrate for you how you can create a beautiful tablescape that is not only designed with visiting in mind but one where there is plenty of room for serving the meal as well.

My Honey is the primary cook in our home in fact when it comes to holiday meals our kids get anxious when they see me in the kitchen! I know I am lucky and I am also grateful! It’s best for everyone that I focus on Feng Shu Designing our home while creating beautiful spaces that feel amazing!

It’s been years since I’ve felt festive, but I am sure glad the spirit has risen within me again. It’s been dormant for almost 20 years!!!! I have my little Vienna, our growing family and my sister-in-law Deb Gilbert to thank for the inspiration and well my team too! I have been asking for inspiration. I’m so grateful for the inspiration.

It is my intention to illustrate that a beautiful and luxurious Christmas tablescape can be budget-friendly and designed from items found at a thrift store, Facebook Market Place and Dollarama.

It is also my intention to show you how to create a low profile tablescape designed for visiting with family and friends where the entire meal can be placed on the table for easy serving. This is a drastic contrast to what you will find when searching tablescapes on Pinterest and most home decor magazine websites where the emphasis is on the decor and not on the meal leaving little to no room for the food!

I have set our tablescape with all the serving dishes we will use for our Christmas meal, although for the photos the platter and serving dishes are adorned with pinecones and spruce pics, they can and will easily be removed on Boxing Day before we sit down to dinner. I want to show that a beautiful and bountiful table can be set with serving a meal as it’s a primary focus.

Here’s the breakdown of our Dining Room Christmas Table Scape (items have been sourced over the past 12 months);

1. China + 12 place setting of 96 pieces found at The Village for $65.00. I found the same set online at $11.00/plate! When you do the math that’s crazy!

2. 12 place-setting Sterling Silver + Gold Plated Flatware and serving set found on Facebook Market Place for $60.00. I found the same set online for $200.00+

3. 2 sets of water goblets found at The Village for $4.99/4. I found the pressed glass one’s my favourites online for $16.00 a glass the others fall in the $5.00/each mark!

4. Various serving platters, bowls and dishes found at The Village for $5.00 – $10.00 a piece.

5. Linens, Placemats, napkins, napkin rings and table runner previously posted and Found at The Sally Ann for a steal!

6. Christmas bobbles found at The Village and Dollarama.

7.  Spruce Pics from Dollarama for $1.20 each.

8. Pine Cones (a bag full) from The Village for $4.00.

9. Gold tea light candle holders + Micheal’s Crafts for 70% off = $2 – $3 each.

10. Snow Flakes from Dollaram a package of 10 for $3.00.

A little inspiration and a mind for budget-friendly finds make our Dining Table the perfect enhancement for our Wealth and Prosperity Gua over the Holidays.

Wishing you an Yours the most magical Christmas every. Bridget

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