WELCOME + Come on in and get Cozy Let’s talk Feng Shui.

How do you feel upon arriving home?

The first thing that greets you upon entering any room sets the mood for your stay. From the decor to the architectural and design features they all play a role in how space looks and feels.

Hardwood floors may be the trend but did you know that beyond colour and species of wood the direction in which the boards are installed plays a big role in the flow and feel?

Of course, there are reasons that architects, builders, and designers choose a specific pattern and direction. But often the impact on how the pattern and direction play on the energetics of a space is often overlooked. In our home the developer chose to run the hardwood from front to back, (it’s to be noted that we did not contract the builder, we are the 2nd owners and purchased in the homes 5th year) being that our home is long and narrow this placement directs the eye and the energy to quickly move from the front door directly out the back of which is filled with windows and a single garden door.

Knowing this challenge when we purchased I, of course, applied my Feng Shui knowledge in remedying the potential challenge by;

1. Laying a 4′ x 6′ area rug at the foyer to give everyone a place to ground their energy upon entering.

2. Placing a plant near the front entrance without obstructing the traffic flow patterns helps to slow the energy from rushing out the back door while softens the effects of the wall directly across from the door.

3. Space planning and furniture arrangements were chosen as a means to create cozy seating for intimate conversations and entertaining while directing both the eye and the energy to meander through the space without moving too quickly from one door to the other.

4. Colour mapping decor and accessories throughout the entire main floor creates a smooth transition between each vignette and room. Soothing the flow and reducing what could be challenging potentials with the direction in which the floor is installed.

5. The choice of the black leather chairs although unexpected were not only purchased for their comfort (they are beyond comfortable) but to create a bold statement that catches the eye and anchors the energy in the center of the main living area, defining the living room and dining room.

(Choosing 2 chairs angled towards each other creates a cozy place for long coffee talks with friends and family.) A more solid piece of furniture such as a love seat would although defining the two spaces would feel rather heavy while obstructing the view of the dining room and the lovely expansive windows.

When space planning your Living Room be mindful of how the structural features and direct your eye and ultimately the energy flow from one room to the other.

Identify potential challenges and then remedy with furniture and accessories in a manner that is warm and welcoming while directing the flow.

If you are unsure about how to create the look and feel of your desired design style seek the help of a Feng Shui Design Professional.

Feng Shui may not be “classified as decorating/design” nor is decorating/design classified as Feng Shui but a marriage of both, well that’s where the sweet spot is. It’s kinda like Friends without Phoebe, it just ain’t right!

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