Feng Shui for a Child's Room Cleaning Checklist

Feng Shui for the Guest Room Cleaning Checklist Printable

Daily Rituals

  • make bed
  • put laundry away
  • tidy night stands
  • put personal items such as crafts, yoga mats and sacred meditation items away

Weekly Rituals

  • wash sheets, mattress covers, towels and clothes
  • put personal items away
  • dust all flat surfaces & home decor accessories & light fixtures
  • dust baseboard, door, window trims, pictures, mirror frames, blinds and vent covers
  • wipe down all switch plates and door knobs
  • water plants and dispose of any dead leaves
  • vacuum carpets/wash floors

Monthly Rituals

  • purge all personal and sacred items that no-longer inspire you
  • remove read and un-read books
  • clothing items
  • vacuum mattress
  • wash pillows
  • dust window screens
  • vacuum all vents
  • disinfect garbage cans & laundry baskets

Quarterly Rituals

  • flip mattress
  • wash walls
  • touch up paint on walls and trim
  • clean window screens
  • wash all curtains
  • shampoo carpets

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