Feng Shui Home Maintenance Safety Checklist Printable

Feng Shui for the Garage Maintenance Cleaning Checklist Printable

Quarterly Rituals

  • check security of interior and exterior handrails
  • check security of windows and doors
  • clean all tracks of windows and doors
  • maintain mailbox
  • check fire alarm,  carbon monoxide detectors and home security systems
  • clean chimney
  • clean exterior light fixtures
  • check hoses and water fixtures for leaks

Yearly Rituals

  • have ducts cleaned
  • have shingles checked
  • check exterior surface of home for compromised surfaces and have repaired
  • check foundation for compromised areas and have repaired
  • check exterior lights and plugins for loose wires
  • repair any damage to sidewalks and driveways
  • clean eaves-troughs
  • check down spouts and reroute away from the house

Download the full Cleaning Checklist Ebook {Here}