Feng Shui 101 + The Command Position

When space planning your living + family rooms it is best practice to place your sofa in the COMMAND POSITION, meaning when seated on the sofa you have a view of the front door + entrance to the room.

The COMMAND POSITION reduces stress and anxiety in offering a sense of safety and security as individuals are able to see who and what is arriving/entering.

When you are seated in COMMAND POSITION you are postured to receive all your heartfelt desires. You cannot receive that which you are not open to welcome in.

From a practical design perspective, it is always wise when space planning to avoid blocking traffic flow patterns in and around the space.

When downsizing from our previous family home to our current home I was only interested in viewing properties built with our particular open floor plan and although there were things I desired to change such as the powder room at the front entrance in which we quickly converted to a lovely closet, I was perplexed by the homes we viewed where the sellers blocked the entrance by placing their large oversized sofas which reduced the footprint of the space while obstructing the flow. I am sure the awkward space planning increased the time in which these houses stayed on the market.

Do your best to position furniture so that there is ample space between furniture for ease of movement throughout the room.

Arrange furniture groupings in a manner to nurture open communication and cultivate healthy relationships.

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