Why You Don’t Want To Have a Block of Knives on Your Counter Top

Do you have knives on your counter?
Do you know that’s a BIG FENG SHUI NO-NO?

Well here’s a common Feng Shui reason;
1. Knives on the counter are often represented by verbal and emotional conflict between those residing in the home. It is said that knives on the counter results in people speaking with sharp tongues. If this true? Well if you have knives on the counter, you tell me. I’ve seen it be so, but that doesn’t mean it is so for everyone with this dynamic. So if the blade and tongue are both sharp than put the knives away in a drawer in a cupboard or a pantry.

The practical approach to not having knives on the counter is not rooted in the woo-woo but in common sense.

1. Althgouh used for preparing food knives can also be a weapon so would you keep a weapon open and easily accessible on the counter in a room where you prepare food for your loved ones and celebrate life and family? Maybe not.

If your home was ever broken into would you want a weapon readily available to the assailant? Probably not. So be mindful to take precautions to keep knives and all sharp objects tucked safely away. An inexpensive knife drawer organizer can keep your tools easily accessible for when you need them for prepping food.