Why White Kitchens are Preferred Feng Shui

Kitchen sinks can pose some potential challenges as the water element can be very destructive to the associated elemental balance of the gua in which the kitchen aligns to. Our kitchen happens to be in relationships which is a dominantly earth element.

Although the most active space in a home is most often the kitchen it is best supporting when it is clean and tidy. Considered the heart of the home it is indicative of family and celebration of unity, health, vitality and abundance.

Although expresso kitchens such as ours have become a trend much like the oak kitchens of the ’80s and ’90s. A white kitchen, however, is often considered the best from both designers and feng shui consultants perspective as white kitchens are timeless and can easily be updated with a new countertop and hardware. White is also the colour often associated with cleanliness. It assures one that the food prepared has been done so in a clean and sterile environment while allowing a cleansing of the palette between foods.

Although relatively small, we love our kitchen and yes I will be painting it white during the winter of which I will be sure to share my DIY process. I will, however, be starting with the bathroom vanities and working my way down to the kitchen. I intend to start small and end with the bigger project. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to get updates as I work through each room’s refresh. It’s going to be fun!

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