In this Divorce Series I share Feng Shui and Lifestyle tips on how to survive a divorce. Yes, it is an odd topic for a Feng Shui Expert when most talk about attracting love, money and fame. But the truth of the matter is that divorce does happen to the best of us and it doesn’t have to be a bad thing or something to be ashamed of.

Speaking from personal experience Share the Feng Shui strategies that helped me in 2000-2001 thrive during and after my 17 year marriage dissolved.

Part of the healing journey is understanding the spiritual energetic dynamics between people and how something that was so beautiful at one time can wither on the vine.

It all about frequency match.

In addition the insights shared in this video I am sharing a Self-Love Meditation to help with your Emotional Healing.

Meditation helped me do my healing during our breakup, separation and divorce. I refused to take any emotional baggage with me. I wanted started the next chapter of my life free of any and all emotional triggers.

Meditation remains an important part of my spiritual hygiene. I hope you find comfort in this Self-Love Meditation. –  {LISTEN}

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