The Living Love Manifesto®


Broadcasting Handbook


Are you ready to create a HIGH VIBE LIFE?

Well, I’ve got a secret beyond “The Secret” for you……

It’s all about frequency. The key to consistent manifesting your inspired heartfelt desires is the alignment of  your Body, Soul, Spirit, Home®.

Activate the 9 Lifestyle areas of your home to create a lifestyle to support how you most desire to feel.

This 55 page colored handbook (pdf format) will help you maintain a consistent frequency match to your heartfelt desires so you can manifest a high vibe life.

The Living Love Manifesto

Are you ready to put your heart into it?


Bridget Saraka The Living Love Manifesto

a brief synopsis of your broadcasting handbook……

  • Introduction to aligning your heartfelt desires to your Body, Soul, Spirit, Home®
  • Feng Shui Lifestyle Map
  • 11 SAMPLE broadcasting pages
  • 11 broadcasting pages for your high vibe inspired desires and high vibe heartfelt emotions
  • 11 SAMPLE Gratitude pages
  • 11 Affirming Gratitude pages for your high vibe devotions


  • 22 pages of printable broadcasting symbols
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