Powder + Bathroom Feng Shui Design Tip of the Day

There is a lot of taboo woo-woo thinking about bathrooms and about how their energy can be draining and less-than-excellent. My philosophy is this, be grateful you are not running out to an outhouse in -40. In truth when Feng Shui originated there were only outhouses. With the privileged of modern amenities, it’s time to evolve our way of thinking about these spaces. Isn’t it time to leave the Fear Shui behind and embrace a more positive approach to creating a balanced and luxurious space to nurture our Body, Soul, Spirit and Home?

Although you may covet the luxurious bathrooms found on Pinterest and Instagram the truth of the matter is that most of us have generic basic builder bathrooms that are void of personality and Feng Shui Design. Here are a couple of tips on how to add both to your less-than-ideal bathroom.

Our en-suite was anything but luxurious and although I would love to do a major renovation and ditch the basic acrylic shower stall I’d love to install a big old soaker tub, realistically there are other things on my hit list in personalizing our home that the en-suite is far down on my to-do list. So in the meantime, I’ve sourced some Feng Shui savvy design elements to personalize the space.

1. I dislike the boring shower stall with its glass doors so as a means to soften the coolness of the glass and up-design the stall I sourced from a thrift store 2 – 86″ sheer curtain panels with an upward swirling embroidered design embellishment of which I hung with a tension rod. The look and feel are beautiful and luxurious. The total cost was $2.99 for the curtains and $16.00 for the curtain rod!

Of course, I keep the shower stall clean and organized.

2. Basic Builder bathrooms are often lacking in storage and although our en-suite has a 7 foot vanity with drawers there was no overhead cabinet for extra storage.

Originally a floor unit I repurposed this cabinet from our other house. No more than 6″ deep it is the perfect enhancement for this space. Built in Bali its detailing and distressed finish add character and interest to what otherwise would be a lack-luster space.

Purchases from Home Sense for $49.00

Being a vertical cabinet it draws your eye up as does the detailing in the doors.

Both the curtain and the cabinet are not only functional but chosen specifically to a) add personality and visual interest and b) control the pull of all the drains while directing the energy to move up not down.

Experiment + Be Creative + Be Intentional