Kitchen Sinks Don’t Have to be Bad Feng Shui

Kitchen sinks can pose some potential challenges as the water element can be very destructive to the associated elemental balance of the gua in which the kitchen aligns to. Our kitchen happens to be in relationships which is a dominantly earth element.

In addition to applying a few Feng Shui transcendental remedies in the island under the sink I have made a point of adding some aspects of the wood element on the island to help control the water.

I keep a plant such as the succulent or floral arrangement centered behind the tap.

Also representing the wood element a bowl of lemons or oranges help do the trick as well.

The floral embellishment of the wood relief panel I installed onto the face of the island is also helpful in controlling the downward pull of the tap and sink.

Hanging a Feng Shui 40ml round facetted crystal in a window above a sink will also help to control the downward pull of the drains.

(See the embellishment on the face of the island? I added that it is a relief panel I had on the walls at our other house. I love the visual interest it adds to the space. I have plans for future embellishments as well but they will have to wait until I come across the perfect treasures. Yes, you know I’ll be thrifting for them.)

If you have a kitchen sink challenge don’t be shy, send me a pm or join my Private Facebook Group The Living Love Manifesto and share your question there. I will be happy to do my best to support you. B

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