Hybrid Feng Shui™ – FAQ’s

I provide an in-depth diagnostic assessment of your personal spaces while balancing and aligning the dis-ease of environmental Chi influencing your Body, Soul, Spirit, Home. It’s often not what meets the eye that affects us the most but that which is hidden in time and space.

Hybrid Feng Shui™ is a collaboration and evolution of Interior Decorating, various schools of Feng Shui and complimentary modalities adapted for a life of mindful living.

Hybrid Feng Shui™ balances and aligns both a person’s Inner Feng Shui/Personal Chi with their External Feng Shui /Environmental Chi. Some people think the two are separate; but ….really?

What do your experiences tell you?

Have you ever been in a place that reminds you of the song “It ain’t pretty it just looks that way?” Often it’s the difference between Interior Decorating/Design and Feng Shui that you feel. Feng Shui creates spaces that are both comfortable to your nervous systems and beautiful to the eye. Therefore, when there is balance and harmony positive life experiences naturally start to unfold.

Something simple as the colour in a room and the placement of a bed in relationship to the homes central electrical panel may be the cause of dis-ease within the environment. In turn this dis-ease may be compromising our mind, body connection. Our senses may tell us that there is something “OFF” but our understanding of the potentials limits our ability to correct the root-cause. Knowing what to look for is the key to applying the most suitable remedy for the situation.

Gain a New Perspective

Feng Shui by Bridget home of Hybrid Feng Shui™ specializes in comprehensive Onsite and Distant assessments of your environment, while providing practical, appropriate professional recommendations to enrich your quality of life.

I know the everyday challenges of trying to find a Tranquil Space in everyday chaos. Through an in depth diagnostic assessment of your environment I will assist you in breathing a fresh perspective into your life by shining the light on stagnant, blocked and or missing environmental characteristics that are directly affecting or holding your current unwanted circumstances in place.

Hybrid Feng Shui™ is focused on the comfort and ease of each individual, while utilizing colour, balance of the 5 elements, adjustment of furniture and art placement, while remedying and enhancing structural issues designed to support your desired intentions. Practical and cost effective Feng Shui by Bridget can assist you in living and thriving holistically within your environment to encourage, cultivate and support a stress-free way of life for optimum well-being that nurtures both your inner and outer worlds.

Beyond Smoke and Mirrors

Hybrid Feng Shui™ services included dowsing, ghost busting, yes I said ghost busting. Feng Shui may be an in depth study of how we interact within our environments and how our environments enrich and support our health and well-being. However, these influences are not always visible to the naked-eye nor understood by our framework of reference.

So I being sensitive to things unseen assist those of my Feng Shui Clients who have residual/unseen energetic disturbances in clearing these unwanted guest and imprints from their homes, properties, places of business and personal chi.

If you’ve ever lived in or tried to sell a house after a divorce, abuse, illness, suicide or death you know what I mean in residual/unseen energetic disturbances. You don’t need a CSI flashlight to see the evidence. You only have to think about the space to know it exists. Now try living and working in these places.

Not conducive to a vital, vibrant successful, loving experiences are they?

Step out from behind the veil and discover the life of your dreams.

This is not something I set out to do. “Really, Ghost Busting!” Me? How’s that going to fly in this conventional world? Pun intended. Well; when the universe provides you with an innate ability that is your “gift”. Is it really in our highest good to take the road more traveled? The only thing I found in doing so was a ton of speed bumps, detour signs and a lot of traffic jams. I had to follow my compass.

The growing number of clients who have experienced such phenomena have inspired me to grow into myself. Thank you to all of you, I am blessed. Just because you can’t “see these things” doesn’t mean they don’t exist. With these non-beneficial energy forms often comes the need for space clearing of paranormal activity and environmental trauma.

Are you seeking to enrich your quality of life, secure your dream career, discover your own personal life path, fall in love, keep and nurture it?

I hear you!

If you’re looking for someone to assist you in furniture and “art placement”, choosing the healthiest location to place your bed and the most inspiring painting for a specific room. Analyze the blueprints for your new build, renovation, create a landscape design and colour consult. You have come to the right place. In addition to my Feng Shui training I have over 20 year’s experience with home construct, interior decorating and textile merchandising in my toolbox.

Why is choosing the right colour so important?

Colour has a frequency that evokes an emotion and energetics with it. Some colours are more suitable for sleeping, conversation and work than others. Some will positively influence a mood while others can create a less-than-excellent reaction. Knowing when, where, why and for whom is key in choosing colour. For more on colour and its influence on our state of mind please feel free read this Blog

Many of my clients understand that their belief systems, habits and busy lifestyles attract their experiences and influences how they subconsciously create an environment that holds their current circumstances in play. Tired of replaying that broken record many are choosing to incorporate a Personal Clearing and Cellular Memory Reprogramming and Integration into their consultation to assist them in balancing and aligning their personal chi with their deepest desires.

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