How to Add Vintage Storage Solutions that are Feng Shui Savvy to Your Kitchen

“They say” it’s excellent Feng Shui to have clean and clear countertops, but sometimes a small kitchen makes that philosophy a challenge to integrate. Although our kitchen feels spacious as it’s an open concept home with the entire back of the house full of windows it is actually a small space, much smaller than our other home.

So I’ve needed to be savvy in choosing design elements that offer extra storage such as the china cabinet, closet to pantry conversion and my collection of vintage canisters.

These earthenware canisters represent the earth element and support the elemental balance of the Love, Marriage and Relationship gua our kitchen aligns with. They are the perfect solution for storing dry goods that we use daily such as oatmeal, brown sugar, coffee and teabags.

Yes, I found these thrifting, I’ve added to my collection over time finding first the cookie jar that is used for oatmeal for $9.00 then a set of 4 for $9.00 and then a matching teapot for $4.00.

I found these same canisters online for $162 CA…/Vintage-Canisters-White-Copper-P…

I don’t make my purchases based on value, I make my purchases based on LOVE of the item. The bonus is the savings!

Here are my thrifting tips:

1. Bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer because everything you touch is often GROSS!
2. Set intentions before going that nothing you touch will have an energetic attachment aka ghost attached to it.
3. That anything you pick up, put in your cart, your car, take home will NOT HAVE an attachment.
4. Only purchase what you love and represents your design style and the associated gua you intend to place it.
5. Once home clear it by following the instructions in my Secondhand Treasure blog post.
6. Disinfect and clean it with bleach and then Thieves.
7. As with all Feng Shui Design Enhancements program it with your intentions.…/