{Feng Shui Powder + Bathroom Design Elements}

When it comes to the 5 element balance of Feng Shui mirrors are one of the many representations of the water element. Being that powder + bathrooms are dominated by the water element with all the bathroom fixtures such as tubs, showers, sinks and toilets it is good practice to use Feng Shui Design Elements to balance and control the flow of energy.

In addition to all the fixtures and drains, a mirror will not only duplicate the visual aspect and energetics of the fixtures the reflection will multiply the ill effects. That being said a mirror can be used to balance the energy by positively reflecting design elements used to enhance the space.

Activate and enhance a mirror by reflecting visually and elementally balanced vignettes such as plants, silk or real, curtains, candles, vases, and artwork of landscapes and birds. Make sure that the reflection is both beautiful and directional as in drawing the eye up rather than down and out.

The reflection of a dirty shower or the inside of a toilet are less than excellent. Creating a beautiful and balanced space can be easy it just takes some intentional design.

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