How to Define Sacred Spaces withing an Open Floorplan

Open concept houses can be tricky to space plan and create cozy and comfortable intimate gathering spaces. Remember when a few posts ago I mentioned that our home is only 20′ wide, well itn’s not much longer at 30′. It’s not quite a bowling alley, but I’m sure we’d get a good game in if we moved all the furniture off the main floor!

As a means to define the living room from the dining room, I strategically placed the china cabinet between the two spaces to give the eye + energy something to rest upon before wondering throughout the main floor and out the back door.

I’ve been mindful of using my decor items to colour map and draw the eye in and around the room through my addictions/obsessions/collections (did I just say all that out loud? ?), brass and crystal candle holders, milk glass china, bowls, vases, home decor + feng shui + gardening books and plants. Yes, as many plants as our space can hold comfortably.

Although I love the china cabinet, I know it’s a bit old school, but I love it. I have future plans to have either a gas or electric fireplace installed in this location to make it more cozy, cozy. Nothing says, cozy like a fireplace. I will have to be sure to balance the fireplace if we do eventually install one as this is a wood gua and I don’t want the fire to compromise the nurturing element of this Family + Health Gua.

How, does the china cabinet represent Family and Health you ask? See all the plants around it, there’s the wood element. I also lined the back wall of the china cabinet with a floral monochromatic brocade wallpaper, again introducing the wood element. The plates although white and gold have a floral print, also wood.

We have family dinners every Sunday, it’s a tradition we made when our kids started to move out on their own. As our children have moved in and out of provinces over the years the number of us together on a Sunday has varied, but there has always been at least 4 of us celebrating life together. Now with Vienna and our future grandbabies soon arrival this number is growing, which delights us all. I may have to get a longer table soon!

To me, the china cabinet represents the gathering of family and the creation of new traditions. Family, this is what home feels like.