Feng Shui Tub and Shower Etiquette

When it comes to showers and tub enclosures it a good practice to close the shower curtain after each use.

Doing so;

  • Improves overall esthetics. Fabric and pattern can be used to balance the Feng Shui Five Elements and gua in which the bathroom aligns to. In most cases, a shower curtain is more visually appealing than the inside of the shower
  • floral, woodland and birds help to control and direct the flow of the drain
  • closing the shower curtain reduces the effect of the shower drain which in woo-woo terms can be viewed as a money drain
  • showers and tubs too can be a place where germs party hard closing the curtain can help reduce the spread of germs
  • wipe down the show and tub after each use will help keep the space sparkling clean
  • remember to turn the bathroom fan on to reduce the build-up of moisture
  • closing a shower curtain after each use softens what can feel like a rather cold and hard space.
  • Besides the bedroom the bathroom is one of the two spaces where your birthday suit is your only attire; a shower curtain reduces a sense of vulnerability while adding warmth to the space
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