Feng Shui Powder + Bathroom Feng Shui Design Tips of the Day

  • A few healthy plants in a bathroom can help control excess moisture
  • Reduce the ill effects of the drains. Drains are considered a contributor to financial loss as water is thought to be a symbol of money.
  • There’s no need to go all Fear Shui about your bathroom. Be happy you don’t have to run out to the outhouse. Just be mindful about how to control the downward pull of the toilet, tub/shower, and sink. Plants can do wonders to redirect the potential energy loss.
    Plants also can soften hard edges found on wall corners, cabinets and tub/shower units.
  • Soft-leaved plants are soothing to the nervous system while cactus and sharp leaves can be rather prickly and uncomfortable to be around particularly when nude.
  • Remember to prune your plants to control their size and to minimize overgrowth that can block the flow and overcrowd the space
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