Boost Your Immunity With These Feng Shui Tips

In 2016 I became a Grandma for the first time. I never aspired to be a Grandma, never one to be after my girls to have children. I knew and trusted that when the time was perfect, the perfect little human would arrive and oh my goodness did she every.  She is the light of my life!

Little V is the reason why I resigned from the CEO position with the International Feng Shui Guild; I figured if I could volunteer 60 hours a month on top of caring for my fulltime client consulting business I wanted and needed to make some time to cultivate a meaningful and lasting relationship with my granddaughter. My grandfather was the most significant person in my life. It is my intention to be the elder that my grandchildren remember. So instead of meeting with board members every Monday I now V and me days every Monday, hence my office hours Tuesday – Fridays.

I love, love, love my granddaughter and my me and V days are the best, and I won’t give up our time together for anything in the world! What I’ve found over the last year and a half since my daughter went back to work and V has been going to daycare 3x a week is that my immune system has been bombarded one after another with what I’ve coined as “the toddler cold or the toddler flu.” It’s all part of building a healthy immune system I know but omg!

Generally speaking, I’m a healthy gal, but since most of my business is working virtually/distantly with clients, I’ve not been subjected to a lot of germs since leaving the health region 9 years ago of which I experienced much the same seasonal immune challenges the first 2 years of working in the system. With the exception of the odd thrifting day or evening or get together with friends I can go weeks without leaving the house, and I’m more than ok with that.

What I find I need to do during the fall and winter months is boost my immune system so in addition to making a commitment to taking my supplements and drinking more tea rich in Vitimue C and immune support I make sure that I have a bowl of fresh apples and lemons on the countertop at all times.

Apples are not only a Feng Shui enhancement for health but remember your mom saying “an apple a day keeps the Doctor away?” See it’s not just Feng Shui woo-woo; it’s a well known “fact.” ? I also love drinking warm and cold lemon water, so I easily use a lemon a day as well.

I’ve also made a point as of late to keep my diffuser going with 6 drops of Thieves Essential Oils to help clear the air of airborne germs as I’ve been coughing like crazy. Although I use Thieves essential oils for all of my cleaning needs, I’m making an extra effort of spraying every surface down with a Thieves spray blend of 9 drops of essential oils and distilled water.

Oh and have you tried a slice of apple with a slice of Havarti Cheese? OMG! It’s the best!