Hi, Welcome to Feng Shui by Bridget home of Hybrid Feng ShuiTM and your place of all kinds of feel good vibrations.

The fact that you are here now tells me you are curious and maybe even a little confused about Feng Shui.  Searching for that perfect something to help get your groove back but not sure which direction to take?

I hear you!

Before my formal Feng Shui Training and joining the International Feng Shui Guild I’d been right were you are now. Searching the web, book marking all your favorite sites (feel free to do so now) and dog-earing all my  favorite Feng Shui books of which there are plenty. All full of valuable information all-be-it some contradicting and oh so confusing.  Are you finding the more you read about Feng Shui the more confused you become?                 

I understand!

Beyond Any Feng Shui Book

Although I take my career as a Feng Shui Consultant, Professional Dowser and Intuitive Practitioner seriously I offer a lighthearted approach to every Consultation.  Simply speaking I will answer your questions guide you to the most appropriate remedies to enhancements your quality of life while clarifying many of the Feng Shui and metaphysical myths and misconceptions you may have stumbled upon in your quest for something more. Offering Onsite and Distant consultations I am honored to serve clients throughout Canada, the US and Internationally. I happily share my Feng Shui and Mindful Living Tips to help you live a Feng Shui Charmed Life without all the “woo-woo.” Well maybe just a little. Bio.

“Love Lives Here Now” is my personal mantra and the manifesto in which I create my life. I believe we all deserve to live a life full of all kinds of feel good vibrations.

Don’t you? What are you waiting for? 

Don’t be shy. Call me. Let’s talk.  306 249 2064

Bridget Saraka

Bridget Saraka, CEO, International Feng Shui Guild & Red Ribbon ProfessionalFeng Shui by Bridget


Journey to My Twin Flame

 Journey to My Twin Flame Poetry Ebook

If Love called your name would you have the courage to answer the call? This is my poetic journey to a love beyond my wildest dreams.

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“Modern sensibility for modern times.

Bridget makes Feng Shui understandable and relevant.”

- Robert P. Beckford


Mind, Body, Spirit, Home

Feng Shui by Bridget

Hybrid Feng ShuiTM

I will provide an in-depth diagnostic assessment of your personal/professional spaces while balancing and aligning the dis-ease of environmental Chi influencing your Mind, Body and Spirit. It’s often not what meets the eye that affects us the most but that which is hidden in time and space. Details

Feng Shui by Bridget

Specialty Services

Feng Shui by Bridget offers a unique blend of Specialized Services designed to serve your specific needs and timelines. Consultations are available for Onsite and Distant clients throughout Canada, US and Internationally. Details

Feng Shui by Bridget

Consulting Packages

Feng Shui by Bridget’s Consultations are designed with your unique goals and intentions in mind. Packages embody either a single Service or a collective of my Specialty Services. Each package is tailored to suite your budget and timelines.  Details


  • Children and Creativity Gua Questions

Children and Creativity Gua Questions

Ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do I make time to play?
2. Is my desire to express my creativity fulfilled.
3. Do I have a open, trusting and unconditionally loving relationship with my children?
4. Do I […]

  • Children and Creativity Gua

Children and Creativity Gua

Gua is associate with the Metal Element. This is the place to express your childlike wonder and creative expression.

Imagination and inspiration is yours to discover and expand upon. It is here that all children […]

  • Helpful People and Travel ?

Helpful People and Travel Questions

Ask yourself the following.

1. Am I inspired daily?
2. Do I receive assistance and guidance when I am in need?
3. Am I Spiritually fulfilled?
4. Do I wish to travel and discover places unknown to me?

If […]


“Thank you beautiful Bridget, I have regained my purpose, clarity and you’ve reminded me of the gifts I have to share with the world, I would recommend anyone to give themselves the gift of a clearing with Bridget.”
C. Waddington - Perth, Australia
“Bridget clears me and gets me FEELING GROOVY!!!”
N.H. - Northbattleford, SK
“Through the entire experience I found Bridget to be compassionate and very emotionally and personally available on all levels. I definitely recommend her to anyone and will work with her again to help me on my continuing journey.”
– J.C. Kelowna, BC

“Your house is your larger body. It grows in the sun and sleeps in the stillness of the night; and it is not dreamless.” – Kahlil Gibran